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All prints are made on matte paper, at AME Design, the undisputed market leader in Romania regarding the print quality for large size and high resolution (4000 dpi) prints. It uses a traditional photographic technology with laser continuous-tone - DURST LAMBDA. This type of technology is purely photographic, the exposure being made on photosensitive materials followed by a developing process in the developer and the fixer. The print durability is very high and its quality is very good (printing points or stripes are not observable).

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Low Season

The series “Low season” is a collection of photographs taken over several years, in several Romanian Black Sea resorts (Neptun, Jupiter, Costinesti, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Cap Aurora and Venus). This series didn’t aimed to document a particular subject, the images which constitute it representing an as much as possible subjective exposure of what I saw passing by the places mentioned above.