I have been walking on the Black Sea coast for about 20 years. I started taking the photos that make up this series, but later, starting with 2012. What is happening there is a mixture of senses. The waves are crushed by stabilopods, splashing like a spray, huge jets of salt, mixing with the smell of sweat and sunscreen, the base notes being given by fried anchovies, boiled corn or Szekler roll sold on the beach by street vendors.

Doubtful music flows from the speakers of the terraces located on the sand of the beach, seeming to compete with the hysterical screams of seagulls and the cries of dissatisfied children, whether they are taken out of the sea or not allowed to enter.

The sheets, arranged in a Babylonian disorder, contrast with the exact geometry of the sunbeds and umbrellas in the arranged beach area.From a spokesperson, of the same seniority as the not very young owner, a rusty voice breaks out, urging parents not to give money for nonsense but to take pictures of their children. Pictures with the parrot, iguana or even the monkey of the speaker and camera owner.

The activities of tourists seem to be poured into the same permanent patterns: if they do not swim in the sea, they lie in the sun just like reptiles not yet classified by herpetologists, drink beer and break sunflower’s seeds, not forgetting to bury their shells in the sand  and next year they will have their own culture, thus saving some money. Some try to raise kites, praying to Eol, for a consistent wind blade, more like sailors immobilized at sea in a sailboat and whose supplies are running low. Others become ephemeral real estate moguls, whose work is thwarted by the first flow.

This was the atmosphere I perceived in the resorts for working classes on the Romanian coast. The photos here do not constitute a catalog or a travel guide. If they describe something, then that something is just my “ballet” on the beach at the beginning / end of the summer season. It is simply what I have lived, felt and photographed over the years and nothing more.